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Throwback to our Milan Salone del Mobile trip

Last year the team took a trip to the Salone del Mobile exhibition centre in Milan.

It's always exciting going on trips like this, it means we get to see what is new and trending in the world of interior design.

We wanted to highlight some of our favourite interior designers we saw.

Seletti was one (they are the amazing designer behind our swinging monkey light in our showroom) The Seletti stand was a really fun and eyecatching display with lots of bright colours and slogans that really drew you in! It was also a bit cheeky with its images and language!

Seletti is an Italian firm, known as a revolution for the original and extravagant design, made of unusual combinations and recall to art. The research of creativity shows through the production of furniture and accessories with unique design filled with irony. A clear expression of this eccentric style is evident in all the collections, from furniture to accessories. The best-sellers of the brands are the Pantone collection and Neon series which gives colours to everyday objects.

Every year, sectoral professionals and design experts travel to Milan from all over the world to visit the Salone. The Salone was founded in 1961 as a vehicle for promoting Italian furniture and furnishing exports and soon became the most anticipated event in the world of furniture. Visiting the Salone del Mobile exhibition centre was definitely a great experience, there is visually so much going on and the buzz of all the different stands gives a great atmosphere.

Another designer that we wanted to highlight was Serip, we saw an eye-catching lighting display from them. Serip’s Design concept consists of nature-inspired organic shapes, unproportional and uneven forms is what sets Serip’s Design apart from anyone else. The best description to describe some of the displays we saw would be unique organic lighting.

Serip's design is influenced by nature, it's safe to say that the designs are totally contrasting and unique, there are never two exact pieces the same and every produced piece is a different and individual work of art. What makes the pieces form Serip stand out is the clear passion for lighting and design innovation.

By the end of our visit to Salone del Mobile we left with extremely sore feet, the scale of the exhibition is very large (the equivalent to walking a marathon)! Along with sore feet, we also left feeling inspired and excited with what the world of interior design has to offer.

It's a must-go-to for any interior designers out there!


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