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Sit down and put your feet up - Alternative Seating

Alternative seating can be fun, eye-catching and comfortable! We wanted to highlight the Living Stones we have in our own studio by Smarin. The Living Stones are oversized pebbles that are made from 100% virgin wool. They come in varying sizes and shapes that can be arranged accordingly and you can create your own comfortable pebble beach in your lounge allowing you to bring the outdoors in.

They create a modern yet quirky feel to any home as well as being comfortable!

Another great company we love is Softline. Softline is a Danish design furniture company. From modern sofas to day and sofa beds, footstools and even furniture accessories Softline collaborates with some of the world's leading designers to create unique, modern and functional designer furniture for the modern home.

The Angel chair from Sofline was designed by busk+hertzog and we think it is an incredible piece. With its edgy and iconic design, Angel is a lounge chair that can be used as a standalone element in the interior design but also fits perfectly combined with other styles of furniture for a personal and modern look. The design is soft, inviting and ultra-stylish at the same time.

Another unique piece from Softline is a piece called Fluid. This is the ultimate inviting chair to relax in. It is based on the beanbag principle, which gives it that slightly retro feel. It adapts to the person who sits in it! It is also available in materials for indoor and outdoor use which is great for those summer days where you want to relax in comfort outside.

"Sit down and put your feet up" is a well-known expression however that can't be done without a decent footstool. Over the last 30 or so years, people have shied away from the ever so practical footstool.

Below we have featured the Apollo, by Softline I couldn't leave this quirky piece out.

This is a rocking chair but completely different from what you imagine a rocking chair to look like. The Apollo is a fun rocking chair in a modern design. It is extremely decorative and has an air of a sculpture, extremely eye-catching and unique for a chair. Not only does this look great the design is compact and space-saving as well as most importantly being able to put your feet up and relax in style.


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