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Building Your Home Workspace Environment

Working at home can come with a lot of distractions and temptations to get off track. Whether you have a spare bedroom that’s never used or a little space on the end of your dining room table a home office can be anywhere. What’s important is to create a space that promotes creativity, concentration, and happiness.

A home office doesn't require a lot of furniture, it's important to take into consideration as to what you do need to ensure you use the space you have available effectively.

Just a few basic essentials such as a desk, a comfortable chair, and some storage is all you need to set up a productive space. If you have a dining table instead of a desk this can work really well as there is much more surface area to work with. If you have an office space with a window be sure to face the desk with the window view just being able to look outside can be a great break for your eyes from the computer screen.

Bontempi has a stunning range of desks to meet your every need. The Zac desk is a brilliant example of how to have the best of both worlds with a beautifully designed desk and the practicality of storage built-in. The desk has a frame and 2 metal trays in lacquered metal and 2 wooden drawers. The addition of the trays is perfect for pen pots, a notebook and other things you need to reach for quickly whilst the draws are perfect for important documents that you don't want to be left out looking untidy. This desk really has organisation at its core, if you're a person that likes to be organised and has a place for everything this desk would be a perfect fit!

A comfortable chair is a must for any office space, the Kuga Slim chair from Bontempi is stylish and will ensure you have maximum comfort. It's a swivel chair with a die-cast aluminium frame. It also comes in many different colourways making it the perfect unique fit for your home office environment. You can really make this chair your own by picking the configuration and sizes too.

When it comes down to home office décor ideas, it's important to remember that less is more. Uncluttered surfaces are great for increasing productivity. However, your home office needs to reflect your personality too! When working remotely it’s important to still feel connected, so looking at photos of your friends and family on the wall will help accomplish that or even a simple framed photo on your desk of a certain loved one.

Another great home office décor idea is using plants. Incorporating greenery can reduce stress and anxiety. Check out our living wall blog which highlights the brilliance of plants in a home/office environment!

Working from home can be difficult especially if the space around you isn't used correctly. If you are working from home take some time out to reflect on your space and ensure it works for you. Working from home can be very alien to some so it's important you create a space where you feel productive and engaged!


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