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A world of wallpapers

Trends in wallpaper designs come and go, but there are so many beautiful wallpapers to choose from these days. Wallpapers can help capture the feeling of light and help brighten up a room. Subtle patterns help add interest and create a relaxing airy feel to any room space. Wallpaper can also really uplift and give a refresh to your interior through the change of seasons!

There are so many alternative wallpaper patterns to choose from. Whether it’s fun and bright or more formal, there will be a wallpaper for you.

Some wallpapers can be works of art, whether you opt for bold and off the wall (no pun intended) or more of a delicate floral wallpaper, they can be surprisingly versatile. You can’t get more dramatic than a wallpaper that features tropical palms, jungle and exotic birds, it can be a real focal point to a room.

If you’re not looking to add a lot of prints or colours to a space, grass cloth papers are a really great alternative. The added texture from these papers can make a room feel warm and inviting.

Here in the studio we have been loving the wallpaper designs by Elli Popp, they are quirky, fun and vibrant and the feel of the wallpaper quality Is thick and luxurious, it really is of premium quality.

Influenced by nature, Elli Popp offers elegant yet contemporary designs. Each collection is so unique, this is one of the reasons why we love the designs so much! They are able to create amazing abstract scenes that transform the space around you.


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